Welcome to the ABV Network Online Merch Store

Welcome to the ABV Network Online Merch Store

Shipping is a flat rate of only $5.95 on all orders in the U.S. and $10.00 to Canada.

To place and order, simply use the form below to provide the items you wish to purchase, your name and email address. Steve Akley will then send you a PayPal invoice for your order (you can pay via credit card, electronic transfer or your PayPal balance). 

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Physical address City, State, Zip Country (If outside the U.S.)

Distiller's Tasting Glass - $10.00 each

The Distiller's Tasting Glass is a 3-ounce tulip-shaped glass that is a favorite amongst distiller's worldwide. The smaller size of this glass means there is less air in the glass and thus, an enhanced nosing experience. Smell your whiskey... not the air around you.


Distiller's Tasting Glass - $48.00 / 6-Pack

Save $12.00 by ordering a six-pack of the Distiller's Tasting Glass. These are great for tasting flights, or to conserve your expensive bourbon at parties. You may need a couple of six packs.

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Kindred Spirits DVDs & CDs (Pre-Order)

The ABV Network’s movie is being show via private screenings and the released date for streaming sales will be in May (Date: TBD). In the meantime, we are offering pre-order DVD & CD packages featuring special pricing.

Kindred Spirits DVD - Normal Price = $25

Kindred Spirits Soundtrack CD - Normal Price = $15


DVD = $20 + $3.00 shipping.

DVD/CD Combo = $25 + $1.00 shipping

Just fill out the form above and let us know what you want and we will invoice you for payment.

Note: These can be added on to Distiller’s Tasting Glass orders and shipping will remain at the flat rate of $5.95.


Colonel Steve Enamel Pin

We have a limited supply of the Colonel Steve enamel pins that are being given away to Patreon supporters. These pins are $10 each and include shipping. Like all other items, just fill out the form above to order one of these.