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At the ABV Network, we have a variety of ways we review bourbon. We have multiple podcasts sharing reviews. Some, like Bonded in Bourbon or the 10-Minute Bourbon Review are show specifically constructed to provide whiskey reviews. Other shows, like The Bourbon Daily focus on reviews occasionally. Additionally, with our blogging team growing, we are doing more and more written reviews. With all of this in mind, we elected to consolidate all of our bourbon reviews into one place... right here. This is ground central for bourbon, whiskey, rye, single malt, you name it, if we review it, we'll put a link to it right here. Each listing will have the name of the product reviewed, the vehicle used to review it (name of podcast or blog), the reviewers names and whether it's a podcast, blog or eMagazine (Bourbon Zeppelin) review.


The ABV Network's Bourbon Reviews:


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