Bourbon Sasquatch Productions

The mission of Bourbon Sasquatch Productions is to produce the finest bourbon-focused documentaries, episodic shows and scripted works. Our goal with every project is to deliver the highest quality educational and entertaining content possible, and to always present it through the eyes of the bourbon fan because that’s who we are... we are bourbon fans.

Colonel Steve Akley

Colonel Steve Akley

The Writer

Steve is the writer and creative producer for projects. His rolodex of bourbon friends comes in handy for the projects the team works on.

Bo Cumberland

Bo Cumberland

The Filmmaker

Bo Cumberland is a noted filmmaker with many projects to his credit. He films, organizes and edits all Bourbon Sasquatch productions.

Susie Youngson

Susie Youngson

The Composer

Susie Youngson is a creative and passionate musician who has the ability to view content and translate it to music to support our imagery.

About the Company

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The Name - The name Bourbon Sasquatch was literally born from bourbon royalty. Jason Brauner, owner of Bourbons Bistro, the first bourbon bar in the U.S. (and still the best), coined the nickname for Steve, based on his ginormous size and hairy appearance. Steve loved it and when this new division of the company was formed, he knew he had the perfect name for it.

The Focus - We live and breathe in one single category: bourbon. As fans of America’s Native Spirit, our singular goal is to deliver content we would want to consume.

The Mantra - Our company identity is independence. Like anyone in the creative content realm, we want to reach as many people as we can with our work. Our difference is that we would never compromise the integrity of our projects to reach an audience beyond what we can reach on our own if it means a person, or entity, wants to have say in our creative process, or what the final product ultimately looks like. We wouldn’t be true to ourselves, or our audience, if what you seen on the screen wasn’t created solely by us… true bourbon fans.

The Trio - What makes Bourbon Sasquatch so special is the triplets: Steve, Bo & Susie. Each brings a unique skill and passion to the team. There isn’t a leader in the group… the leader is the team; the collective efforts of these three best buds.

The Difference - Our goal isn’t to graduate to making Academy Award winning dramas, or even documentaries about other subject matters. We’re bourbon. That’s it. Sure, that boxes us in a bit… that’s a box we want to be in, though. We love bourbon. Can you tell?