Get involved today! Click on the button above to head to the ABV Network’s Patreon site.

Get involved today! Click on the button above to head to the ABV Network’s Patreon site.

Our Revamped Patreon Page & Renewed Effort to deliver the Patreon experience you deserve!

A Note from McNew

We have been on Patreon for over a year now and we have had some amazing individuals step-up and support us since the beginning. While our efforts haven’t been what they could be in regard to our Patreon experience (we were too busy focusing on content), we are stepping up our game now as Steve is getting some help running our page.

I’m going to be taking over the leadership role in the running our Patreon page. In this role, I will be coordinating the efforts of the entire ABV Network to ensure the best possible experience to our supporters… whether we are talking our loyal individuals who have been with us the whole time, or people just wanting to get involved now. In addition to revamping our Patreon gifts for supporters, we’re also adding some cool new features to being a Patreon supporter of the ABV Network.

Check out these new benefits:

  • Increased Interaction - I will be leading the conversation with our Patreon members. Have a question? Turn to Patreon for a quick response!

  • Monthly Contests with Focus on Experiences - What’s better than a gift? Well, how about something money can’t buy? That’s what we are focusing on with our new monthly Patreon drawings starting in February… custom experiences you can’t get anywhere else other than our Patreon page.

  • Unique Content - We’re now creating shows just for you. Every other week we are releasing a show you won’t hear anywhere else other than through our Patreon page exclusively for our patrons.

  • Surprise Gift - We’re planning many surprises… but the first one is coming in March. All Patreon members are getting a cool and fun item available only to our Patreon supporters.

    On behalf of Steve and the entire ABV Network team, we thank you for the support and hope you enjoy all of the enhancements to our program.

    -Stephanie McNew