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A new feature on The Bourbon Daily are shows where we have guests share 10 bottles from their collection. Our panel of four hosts then gives them a score out of 100 based on how good they think the collection is (the higher the better). We then toss out the top score, the bottom score and average the two middle scores to give them a Bourbon Daily assessment of how good their collection is. Here's a look at the scores so far:

Jason Brauner - 99.7

Jeremy Schell - 98.0

Tom Szydelko - 95.0

Steve Akley - 93.5

Joe Ferrara - 91.0

Luke Otero - 89.05

Armond Davis - 89.0

Monty Whisenhunt - 88.0

Wes Hardin - 88.0

Russell Creed - 86.45

Andrew Spaugh - 85.0

Monica Caron - 82.5

Miss Beka Sue - 74.5