My Name is Evan

My name is Evan Haskill, let's start the show!

God, I love saying that. It means that The Bourbon Show is about to start and I'm going to get to do something that I never dreamed I'd get to do, like interview Julian Van Winkle III, Trey Zoeller and Marianne Barnes. Beyond the pod cast studio the show has taken me to The New Orleans Bourbon Festival where I got to meet Eddie Russell and lured Chuck Cowdery to Grand Rapids for the very first, "The Bourbon Show Presents" talk and tasting.

The Bourbon Show is incredibly unique in that we're just a group of bourbon lover's talking to our heroes and drinking. We wear our fandom on our sleeves and the guests know it's genuine and the listeners do too. It's hard not to listen and think to yourself, "ha! I'd probably ask that stupid question Evan just did, too! How'd this idiot get on a show?"

I don't know! There hasn't been much time to process how it all went down. One day Steve Akley asked me if I'd be the announcer for this new show, on a new network, and next thing I knew I smelled ether and now here I am. Seriously, I need an adult.

Anyway - I'm launching this blog today. I'm not sure what trajectory it will take exactly, but that's part of the experience. Find out what's running through my screwy head at all hours of the day and night. You never know what you might stumble across. Thanks for being with us... PEACE!


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