It's a Long Road

Grand Rapids finds itself at the top of a lot of lists. That's cool, I've lived here my whole life and I like it well enough. We get a lot of praise for our craft beer scene, our housing market, our family family friendly environment, our proximity to beautiful lake shores and believe it or not, our contribution to the art scene.

That's all well and good world's handsomest man Evan Haskill, you're probably thinking to yourself. This is a bourbon blog! Grand Rapids surely is not on any list concerning bourbon production or distillation! Why have you brought us here? 

Well you see... CLICK HERE!!!!!! Now just what in the Sam Hill is going on here? Grand Rapids, MI is on a list of top distillery travel destinations in the country? Get out. No, we will not get out. This classification is not a mistake, a joke, or a stretch. It's the real deal. 

One of my absolute favorite locations in this fair city is Long Road Distillers. They chose the name Long Road Distillers over Long Road Distillery because it's about the people. That's a very Grand Rapids distinction to make, and it's paying off in droves. I've sampled their bourbon, their wheat whiskey, their award winning Michigin and their world renowned aquavit. Just listen to this from the man, the myth, the legend himself: 

“Nothing tickled my palate quite like an aquavit I tasted when judging the American Craft Spirits Association Competition. That aquavit was Long Road Aquavit from Michigan. It won Best in Show. I cannot say this enough: Go find this spirit, buy it, mix with it, sip it neat, enjoy and familiarize yourself with the category. You’ll thank me later.”  – Fred Minnick

Yeah that's right. Bourbon bad ass and my personal best friend, Fred Minnick digs this place. Get on board, and learn to tie an ascot while you're at it! 

But guess what? I'm not even here to talk about awards, or lists, or what city Tim Allen is from. I'm here to talk about a full belly at a fair price, and for that, no one is doing it better than LRD. Every Thursday night Long Road Distillers is offering this special. 1 gigantic and delicious burger, 1 9oz pour of house lager, 1 shot of LRD spirit, and endless french fries. What? How? I don't know. 

Hi, my name is Evan Haskill. I'm 6'3", a tick over 3 bills, and I can eat. My goal in testing out this new special was simple, get the most bang for my buck. I arrived Thursday at 6pm, busy, but no wait. I found a place at the bar, asked about the special, and was presented a special menu. The instructions were clear, the choices well laid out, and I placed my order almost immediately. The bar staff is friendly, knowledgeable, but not overbearing. My food came out quickly. The burger was large and delicious. The burger was the X-factor in this whole experiment and believe me when I tell you, X marked the spot.  My game plan was thus, devour most of the fries, destroy the first half of the burger, order more fries, wash down with lager, finish burger, finish fries, down shot as I dismount bar stool and hit the road. I did just that and trust me when I tell you, I looked #coolaf doing it. And I was full. For $15.90 pre tip. 

If you know where to find a better deal than that, I'd love to hear it. Comment below but take mine and Fred Minnick's word for it. Get your ass to Long Road. It's about the people. 

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