Minor Case Rye

Last year at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival I was sitting with a group of people listening to bourbon hall of famer Chuck Cowdery talk about the lay of the bourbon land. While I was making my usual wise cracking comments, another gentleman in attendance was contributing insightful feedback and asking extremely relevant questions. Me being me, I had to ask, "are you a distiller or something?" To which Chuck responded, "he's a Beam."

That Beam of reference of course being Stephen Beam of Limestone Branch Distillery. I was of course already a huge fan of the Yellowstone offerings, but after that interaction I became aware of the Minor Case Rye (I love a good Sherry finish) and couldn't wait to try it. Looks like that time has come for me! Look for a video review coming up soon at The Bourbon Show on Facebook and perhaps a bit more info on Instagram as well! 

Evan HaskillComment