Five Bourbons I Always Have on Hand

The number 1 question I get asked is, "Evan, how do you stay so fit?" That's my secret, sorry. Something no one ever asks me is what my daily drinker is, because I never shut up about the perfect bottle that is Evan Williams White Label BiB.

HOWEVER! This is no longer the "house bourbon," as the beautiful and talented Chrissy Martin would say. The White Label is still as great as it's ever been, and my love affair still burns hot as this 100 proof offering remains the most versatile bourbon on the market, at it's sub $20 price point it's great in cocktails, punches, on the rocks and even neat. There's nothing bad to say about it. So I won't.

When I started thinking about what Evan Williams White Label is to me, if not my favorite, or my daily drinker, or my house bourbon, it occurred to me that it is one of 5 bourbons that I always have on hand. ALWAYS. And surprisingly enough, it's near the bottom of that list. So without further ado, please see below for Evan Haskill's "Five Bourbons I Always Have on Hand."

1. Jefferson's Chef's Collaboration (Ed Lee and Trey Zoeller)

2. Bulleit 10 (Tom Bulleit)

3. Elmer T. Lee (Harlan Wheatley)

4. Evan Williams White Label BiB (Denny Potter)

5. Booker's (Fred Noe)

Never be afraid to ask for any or all of these drams while in Casa de Evan. They are always on the shelf, and always available for a pour.

What are your 5? Comment below!

Cheers kids!