And Just What the Hell is a Podumentary?

Akley is at it again. I don't know how he comes up with this stuff, but he keeps churning out quality ideas faster than Ben & Jerry churn out delicious ice cream flavors! See below, won't you?


Production has begun on a documentary that will be released as a podcast this holiday season sharing the story of the @abvnetwork. Steve Akley is personally managing this project which will feature all of the details of launching the network from the perspectives of the players involved and the fans. Steve notes, "We've got a great story to tell and I want to tell how all of this came about as a gift to our #ABVNetworkCrew members this holiday season via a very special podcast."

To celebrate this special event, and to determine which fans will be selected to participate, the ABV Network Merch Store ( is offering a special today through Sunday 7/9... buy the ABV Network t-shirt during that timeframe and Steve Akley will reach out to you to participate in this podumentary via a Skype interview. This is going to be a huge event with a big audience, don't miss your chance to participate. Head over to and pick up your tshirt that serves as your ticket to participate in this special event.

Welp! If you din't know, now ya know. Stay tuned, and stay thirsty.


Evan HaskillComment