Bourbon 401(b)

As Mr. Operation Open Everything, I have always been a bit averse to Steve Akley's 401(b) plan. I never doubted that it was a great idea, even one I wished I had the wherewithal to participate in. Alas, I just HAVE to crack that bottle open.

After listening to the show over at The Bourbon Daily where my co-hosts discuss the merit's of this Retirement Account for rare, unopened bottles in their collections, I must admit I have decided to join the fray. My 401(b) will debut with the following bottles.

Parker's Heritage Collection 7 Promise of Hope

2014 Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength

Elmer T. Lee Commemorative (93 proof)

William Heaven Hill 14 yo

That's it! Everything else is currently in line to get guzzled. Maybe these 4 will survive until retirement. I will admit immediately if I fail to keep these bunkered.

What's in your 401(b)? Listen to the episode linked above and leave your comments below!

Peace out! eh

Evan Haskill2 Comments