Too Much of a Good Thing?

According to Mark Twain,

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”

Do you agree? Do your parents agree? Does your spouse agree? I agree. Absolutely, I do. My cupboards are stocked with the best bottles of bourbon I can find, and I'm damn proud of them! Of course, not everyone is as chill as me. You're bound to have someone in your life that looks past their glasses at you for your hobby, your passion, your proclivity for the drink if you will.

I'm not talking to drunks here. If you're falling down, maybe listen to the people in your life chastising you - it could be time to slow it on down. But if you enjoy a pour of your favorite bread flavored alcohol before shuffling off to bed, or while reading a book or listening to some vinyl don't be defeated, you're in good company. And if you enjoy your whiskey with some good company, well then you're in even better company!  

I used to get DMs on IG weekly from people in the community asking how many pours I was having a week. They had taken to having an ounce or two nightly, and someone in their life was concerned for them. There were times in my peak tasting phase that I would have a pour every night, I was so excited to be trying new brands, new offerings, new tastes, that I would partake nightly. It never effected my work, or my speech, but it did effect certain people's perception of me. But that's their problem. Bourbon is a gentleman's and gentlewoman's drink. If you consume it as such, don't let the hater's hate get to you. Have yourself a pour, but always drink responsibly.  

How many nights a week do you have a pour? 

Evan Haskill1 Comment