Whiskey Corner Staff Derby Picks

Every year the Kentucky Derby draws in over 16 million viewers on television and almost 200,000 people at Churchhill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.  Millions of dollars are bet on the hopes that a 1,200 lb. animal, controlled by a 100 lb. jockey, will run faster than the rest of the horses.  This is the one sporting event (if you call horse racing a sport) where millionaire celebrities will rub shoulders with the common folk. Both social classes will be putting money on their favorite horse(s).  Living in central Kentucky, I’ve been to my share of horse races, with varying degrees of luck. I research and take under consideration the different horses experts proclaim have the better chance of winning. I bet money on those favored to win and, because I have no expertise in horse racing, I sometimes pick randomly based on which unique name I liked better.  Guess which picks I’ve had more luck with? I’ve made more money on my random selections, than on my carefully researched ones. Luckily, for you, the staff and I at the Whiskey Corner are experts at choosing the horses with the best names and we have some picks for you.  So, open up your wallet, pull out your lunch money, and take some advice from some whiskey drinkers.



Maureen Linehan

Whiskey Corner Resident Foodie


  1. My Boy Jack
  2. Flameaway
  3. Lone Sailor

I picked My Boy Jack to win because that was going to be the name of my second baby if it was a boy.  It was a girl. So, I was immediately drawn to it. Plus, I like the odds of all 3 because they remind me of me.  It may be a longshot, but I’m so worth the payout.



Blake Smith

Whiskey Corner Cocktail Specialist


  1. Mendelssohn
  2. Audible
  3. Magnum Moon

I took a couple of music literature classes in college.  The listening test covering German composer Felix Mendelssohn always kicked my butt.  Counting on Mendelssohn to kick some butt too.  



Tony Freud

Whiskey Corner Historian


  1. Magnum Moon
  2. Promises Fufilled
  3. Bravazo

Magnum Moon is going to win because I love the name and he is a descendant of, 1977 Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew.  Plus, being from Seattle, there is a little home connection there.



Blake Johnson

Whiskey Corner Bourbon Reviewer


  1. Enticed
  2. Vino Russo
  3. Justify

Enticed is going to win because I have always had a thing for under dogs.  Even though he has the pedigree, the “experts” don’t believe he’ll come out victorious as his odds are 54-1 right now.  



Jordan Grigsby

Whiskey Corner Editor


  1. Vino Russo
  2. Free Drop Billy
  3. Good Magic

Vino Russo is going to win because his name sounds like he should be driving a European Indy car.  He’s going to channel his inner race car soul and leave the other horses in his dust.