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Distillers Vacation 2020

Because Key West in January sounds amazing!


Distillers Vacation

In January of 2020, we’re going to be headed to Key West, Florida. The idea came from a discussion between Royce Neeley and Steve Akley. They both love Key West and knew that January is the worst time of the year weather-wise where they live, but it’s also one of the slowest times in their respective businesses, so why not head to Key West where it’s nice and sunny. Steve knew that his friend Christine Riggleman of

Silverback Distiller was also fan of Key West so Steve and Royce invited her and the whole Riggleman family. They were in and the next thing you knew, the idea of a “Distillers Vacation” was born. The hope is this becomes a yearly tradition. We’ll have a meet-and-greet with the distilleries while there, but mostly, this is an unscheduled, not-bound-by itineraries and agendas time of relaxation and bonding. We’re talking pub crawls during the day on Duvall Street and evenings getting drinks from the Tiki Bar at the pool. There is no cost to get involved, but you do have to book your travel and your hotel. While we don’t have a hotel rate, we can tell you where we are staying, just fill out the form for more information. We hope to see you there in January, and every January thereafter kickin’ back in Key West!

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