Ep 2 - A Long Time Ago Into The Future

Well, we managed to return for a second episode. It’s almost twice as long and hopefully more than twice as good. Thanks to everyone who reached out with kind words after listening to episode 1. Here is what we cover in this one as the weather starts turning to the chill of winter. Also, stick around for our new segment at the end The After Party.

Craft beer 101: Stouts
Oscar Blues Death By Coconut
North Coast Barrel Aged Old Rasputin
The joy of Holiday seasonal brews
Funky Buddha Last Snow
Prince Gary Loves the Cocoa
Guinness. Guinness?
Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin
Stout base ingredients

Cellar flights are trending bigly
Taste test cellar vs. fresh bottles of the same beer

Blending: Mixing beers? Oh yeah!
What to do with an inch of flat beer in a growler

More navigating Big Craft. We stick up for the people working at breweries snatched up by the macros.

Hyper-localization will be a thing - a fresh thing. Like in some places in Europe where you simply order by style and not the brand name.

Wayne sends his wife Katy to the bottle shop for "whales," and hilarity ensues.

The After Party, I think this new segment worked! Let's just say; we get a little personal.

Thanks for listening!
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