Ep. 1: Western Whale Hunting

We have kickoff! Welcome to The Last Beer Show. 

It took a few minutes to find the record button, but we got it together.   In this, our first episode, we managed to cover a lot of ground: 

  • Fall season beer flavor
  • Jason is drinking a 3-year old bottle!
  • Cellared barrel aged beer
  • Coast to coast whale contrast
  • Jason traveled west, visited several San Fransisco beer hot spots
  • Jason talks about the beer events he hosts (Stout-fest, Craft Beer 101)
  • Thoughts on future hop shortages

Lastly, we get into some of the things we want to cover in upcoming episodes such as, mixing/blending trends, local farm fresh ingredients, craft beer 101 and navigating "Big Craft."

Thanks for listening!

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