Ep 9. Casey Randle Beene of The Hopulist Beer Reviews on Facebook

Our guest this month is Casey Randle Beene of The Hopulist Beer Reviews on Facebook. Only eight months into his craft beer exploration Casey has a shockingly good palate.

This episode is the first in a series discussing diversity in craft beer. Casey talks about Muscular Dystrophy and his surprise in finding health benefits from drinking craft beer.

Casey discusses catching some grief for reviewing what he calls "crafty beers" from macro producers. Then, we have him live review Tropicalia IPA from Creature Comforts Beer.

Finally, Casey grabs the mic and shares his thoughts on the challenges people with disabilities face and his creative ideas on how the beer industry can be more inclusive. It's incredible, and Casey is amazing, enjoy!

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Here is The Hopulist Beer Reviews episode Casey did with us:

In this episode we sip on:
Creature Comforts Beer, Tropicalia
Reformation Brewery, Oren

Name Drops:
Jekyll Brewing
Funky Buddha
Shock Top
Blue Moon


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PS: Jason’s bronchitis lingers - sorry about the coughing.

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