Enter the Dragon...


by Colonel Steve Akley

While you may not consider yourself a glass collector, if you are into bourbon as a hobby, you become a de facto glass collector as well. It’s the same for everybody in the game. You end up on a continuous search for the perfect glass to provide the ultimate bourbon drinking experience.

Let’s also not forget that industry events you attend give you a glass, or multiple glasses. The next thing you know, your whiskey glass cabinet expands, then expands again, and finally, you have “glass bunker” where you have storage for glasses that aren’t even in the rotation.

Does having an overabundance of glassware change your approach to glass management in your bourbon hobby?

No way!

You may think you are cutting back on glasses at some point, but you aren’t.

You will continue to add new glasses to the mix as they become available because, well you gotta try these for yourself… and, you aren’t going to quit attending events… also, trust me, those events are going to quit giving away glasses, so embrace it.

Yes, it’s true, you are a whiskey glass collector.

So, knowing now that you have admitted your weakness for whiskey glasses, I’ve got a new one for you: the Edinburgh Glass from Dragon Glassware.

It’s a monster of a nosing glass. In our photo here, you see two ounces of Stumpy’s Bourbon in a Distiller’s Tasting Glass (3 ounce capacity), a Glencairn (6 ounce capacity) and an Edinburgh Glass (10.5 ounce capacity).

So, if you already have glassware issues, does Dragon Glassware’s Edinburgh Glass have a place in your collection? I mean, for the love of God, you have a glassware bunker. You may have to add two more to the bunker to accommodate this beast into your regular rotation because it’s going to take some real estate in your glass cabinet.

Well, I can tell you that it absolutely has a place in anyone’s collection.

It’s not simply a novelty with it’s gigantic 10.5 ounce capacity, this one has the potential to be a workhorse. It does a couple of things your other nosing glasses cannot do.

First off, if you are a “bourbon neat” drinker, like me, sometimes you just want to sit by the fireplace and pour yourself a “double double” while you are watching movies. You don’t want to miss Michael Corleone’s take over of his crime family via a series of perfectly time hits because your at your home bar pouring a second drink… you want a real drink… one that can last you the entire viewing of the movie. You can do that with the Edinburgh Glass.

If you happen to be someone who enjoys a cube in your bourbon, you end up missing out on much of the experience of enjoying your whiskey with a rocks glass. With the Edinburgh Glass, which has a mouth big enough to fit a standard size ice cube in it, you still get the benefit of utilizing your olfactory system in enjoying your whiskey.

That’s not too shabby.

Best of all, at only $14.99 over at dragonglassware.com, no respectable glassware, I mean bourbon/whiskey collection, is complete without it!