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Jefferson's Journey Launch (Frazier History Museum, 829 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202)


Be among the very first to experience Jefferson’s Journey Bourbon with Trey Zoeller, founder and owner of Jefferson’s Bourbon. Suspecting that river travel gave early Kentucky Bourbon its rich, authentic taste, Zoeller recreated a centuries-old voyage: he loaded two charred oak barrels of Bourbon on a boat and sent it down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, through the Gulf of Mexico to Key West and up the Atlantic Coast to Brooklyn, where it made landfall after a period of a year. Both the rocking motion of the waves and rapids and the exposure to extreme temperatures on the open water influenced the whiskey as expected. To better gauge the impact, Zoeller used a control variable: he set aside two barrels from the same distillation to let their contents age on land undisturbed in Jefferson’s Crestwood, Kentucky warehouse.

Guests will get a chance to taste the difference between the Bourbon that weathered over 365 days of boat travel and the Bourbon that stayed on land in Kentucky, and will also be the first to receive an opportunity to buy the Jefferson’s Journey Bourbon packages. After all, it’s not the destination: it’s the journey.

Small bites for the evening will be prepared by Missy Hillock from Chateau Bourbon.

The Jefferson’s Journey Bourbon Package includes two bottles:
One bottle (200 ml) of Jefferson’s Journey Bourbon and one bottle (200 ml) of Jefferson’s Kentucky Aged Bourbon.

Trey Zoeller will sign all Jefferson’s Journey products purchased at the Museum

ABV Network Team Member(s) in Attendance: Wes Hardin

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