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Your club card opens up a bounty of events and deals!

Your club card opens up a bounty of events and deals!


  • Unique Behind the Scenes Events (Kentucky, St. Louis & Other Markets): Things that go above and beyond the realm what a normal bourbon fan experiences in our core club regions and beyond. We plan on having a quarterly big event, and smaller “pop-up” events that aren’t heavily promoted every month.

  • Free or Deeply Discounted Events: Our goal is to offer free events/experiences whenever possible. When a charge must be incurred, we work hard to make sure you pay the lowest price possible.

  • Save Money: Discounts at distilleries, “bourbon friendly” businesses and sponsors of the ABV Network.

  • Membership Has Status: The #ABVNetworkCrew Club card allows you to show your membership status and receive recognition within the bourbon industry for your affiliation with the ABV Network.

  • Page on the ABV Network Website: Lists events as well as discounts.

  • The Future: The future of what we are offering with the #ABVNetworkCrew is limited only by our lack of creativity. Our goal is to continuously challenge ourselves to expand what we are doing and offer our members more benefits. Obvious next steps include barrel picks for the group as well as expanded city options based on members willing to step up and host events outside of Kentucky, St. Louis and Grand Rapids.


    $48/Year – July 1 renewal for everyone. (Discounted to $36 for the first 200 Charter Members buying by June 30, 2019.) Those starting after July 1 will pay a pro-rated $4/month for August - December sign-ups. Those paying starting January 1, will pay for a pro-rated $4/month + the annual $48 membership for the next year (example: joining in March means you would pay 3 months x $4 for April/May/June and then $48 for the next year).

    Ambassadors Wanted:

    The way we will grow the club beyond our three markets is by having an engaged membership group. We believe the best way to do that is to look within the group itself for expansion opportunities. If you would like to get involved and serve as a host of events in. your market, we can help. Additionally, our team can assist in focusing on distilleries, bars/restaurants and businesses that cater to bourbon fans in your backyard to help you grow interest in the #ABVNetworkCrew Club in your market. If you are interested in becoming involved as a Market Ambassador, please fill out the “Questions” form to the right and McNew will get you some further details.


    From May 1 - June 30, we are in our Early Bird / Charter Member drive. Your benefits kick in with the official launch of the club on July 1 (we will send your first list of coupon codes that morning). Look for new partners added to the list below as we will update frequently as we prepare for our July 1 launch!

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The #ABVNetworkCrew Club is pleased to announce we are supporting

A portion of every membership goes to support five great charitable causes with 100% of all funds donated being passed on to the charities.

A look at the five charities supported by

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We are pleased to note our first check has been delivered to Bourbon Charity supporting those five very worthy charities. We look forward to continued support of their mission to make a difference by donating a portion of all memberships to the cause.


#ABVNetworkCrew Club EventS


#ABVNetworkCrew Club - Event #1

The Bourbon Sasquatch Project Columbia, IL - July 21, 2019

#ABVNetworkCrew Club Members, here's your chance to be part of a group designing its very own whiskey. We're talking grains, mashbill (the percentage of those grains) and potentially finish (barrel finished or not?). We're looking for six Club members to join Steve Akley at Stumpy's Spirits in Columbia, Illinois on Sunday, July 21 from 8:00 a.m. - Noon. We'll have a pretty dandy day laid out. We'll sample some different whiskeys to get a feel for the taste of different grains/mashbills. We'll have discussions about what grains are possible here. We'll decide what percent we go with and then we'll talk about whether or not we want to do any sort of barrel finish. All of this will be facilitated by Adam Stumpf who will then distill this product for his "Distiller's Select," which are unique offerings like this that come out in batches. Obviously, this won't be ready for years, but at some point, on shelves will be a Bourbon Sasquatch Distiller's Select from Stumpy's Spirits on shelves and you can be part of the team that builds this. An email will go out on June 20 asking if you are interested. Everyone interested will simply RSVP via a link in the invite. We will then select six winners via a random drawing to participate. Winner will be announced on July 1, which is the official launch date of the #ABVNetworkCrew Club.

Key West.png

#ABVNetworkCrew Club - Event #7

Distiller’s Vacation 2020 Key West, Florida January 23-26, 2020

Putting this one out there early, before others that come before it, but it requires some planning. We’re going to head down to Key West in the middle of the winter to hang out with Club members as well as some of our favorite craft distillers. Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery, Christine and Lauren Riggleman of Silverback Distillery and several yet-to-be confirmed distillers are planning on attending as well. There will be one formal meeting to get to know the distillers and their products, but mostly it’s bar crawls, beaches and umbrella drinks. Hotel information will be included in your “coupon code” list sent out each 1st and 15th of the month.

#ABVNetworkCrew Club Newsletters

Issue #1 - June 30, 2019

What’s Up with the #ABVNetworkCrew Club

What’s Up with the #ABVNetworkCrew Club

Latest news at the top, we’ll keep relevant info on here until it’s outdated:

  • This is the hub for information. Unlike email which can get lost in the shuffle, we’ll keep this news section up-to-date so you are always up-to-speed on Club news.

  • Our first ever #ABVNetworkCrew Club event is in the books. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it… we podcasted from this event held at Rishi’s International Beverage in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click here to give it a listen!

  • The Early Bird / Charter Member drive is going well. We anticipate selling out by month’s end.

  • Remember, we are still in our Pre-Launch until July 1. The first coupon code list will be emailed with the club kickoff on July 1.

  • We put out the January event way early, but it involves a trip to Key West. We figured that’s a major undertaking with travel planning so it’s best to give everyone plenty of advanced noticed. We hope to make the “Distiller’s Vacation” a yearly event. We’ll see how it goes!

  • We’ll be mailing them around June 20 to ensure you have them right about the time of the July 1 launch.

  • Our partners list below offering discounts to club members is evolving daily. We’re updating those working on their deals when they come through and we’re continuing to reach out to potential new partners all the time so please keep checking back in to see the value of your card.


#ABVNetworkCrew Club Discounts

*Updated coupon codes are emailed to members on the 1st and 15th of every month. The first email distribution will happen with the official launch of the club on July 1, 2019.