Wow... What a Benefit!

by Colonel Steve Akley

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Flaviar Membership

For the last couple of months now, we have been talking about all of the great membership benefits of Flaviar. They are a network sponsor and have brought a lot to the listeners of our shows.

Their latest benefit was something special. You get to go to WhistlePig Distillery which is located on a 500-acre farm in Shoreham, Vermont. While there, you take a whiskey blending class with WhistlePig owner Raj Peter Bhakta. In addition to the class, you get dinner, an overnight stay at the guest house on the property and breakfast the next morning before heading home… and you get to bring a friend.

How much for this outing?


That’s right, it was offered to members and is included in your membership price (sorry, all 10 of the spots on the October 28 WhistlePig outing have been accounted for).

There is so many great benefits to being a member of Flaviar: tasting boxes, education, access to rare and unique whiskies and other live events, but this one was clearly something special.

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