Review of Kentucky Owl Confiscated Bourbon


by Colonel Steve Akley

Confiscated by Kentucky Owl

Whiskey Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Proof: 96.4

Distribution: Nationwide (all 50 States) / Rolling out across the U.S. now

Suggested Retail Price: $124.99 (750 ml bottle)

Dixon Dedman, the Master Blender for Kentucky Owl is introducing his first nationwide offering in Confiscated, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon. This completes the journey of taking the Kentucky Owl brand with the purchase of it by Stoli from a Kentucky-only release as it had been, to expanded distribution with the first 3 offerings under Stoil (2 ryes and a bourbon) to this one now being offered across the United States.

The name comes for Dixon Dedman’s own family history as told by Dixon Dedman himself in Kindred Spirits, the move from the ABV Network. Dixon talks about how during Prohibition the whiskey in his family’s distillery, the original Kentucky Owl, was confiscated by the government and supposedly being held in government controlled warehouses. Ultimately, it was likely sold off on the black market but it couldn’t be proved since the warehouses were suspiciously burned to the ground leaving the Dedman family with no compensation for their family business and putting them out of business even after the end of Prohibition.

It would take the family almost 100 years to get back in the business when Dixon revived the brand for a company that instantly received an almost cult-like following with its Kentucky-only bourbon releases.

Of course, interesting family history aside, it call comes down to what’s inside that bottle. Let’s take a look:

Nose: On the nose, I get a sweet scent instantly which is followed by leather.

Taste: The taste hits you across the palate. Right away, it’s sweet baked good, but you catch honeysuckle across the tongue, oak and a sweet pipe tobacco taste on the end of the palate.

Finish: This one drinks big. It gives a nice warm hug and comes back and reverberates a bit on the tongue.

Overall: I felt this one drank bigger than a 96.4 proof whiskey. I liked what Dixon was able to achieve with his blend here. As I finish up my review my mouth is still tingling from rye in this one. Anytime you cross the $100 barrier, value comes down to individual taste. My thoughts on this one are that I’m a buyer at $125 and would bring this one out a sipper on special occasions or bring it out when I have my bourbon connoisseur buddies over.