Show #169 - More Things That Sound Dirty in a Distillery… but Aren’t!

Steve, Renee and Maine Bourbon Girl revisit the notion that there are many things that sound dirty in a distillery but aren’t for show number one-sixty-nine (that sounds dirty, but it isn’t). Please check out Flaviar, our newest sponsor. Flaviar ( is a club where you can enjoy many great benefit and sample some increidble whiskey, rum and gin offering on a quarterly basis with their unique tasting boxes. Flaviar is also hosting an event in New York City on September 14 called the Craft Spirits Celebration. Head on over to to our website, to click on some links to get more info or buy tickets. Bourbon Daily intro music (Welcome to the Show) and outro music (That’s A Wrap) are both by Kevin MacLeod (

Jeremy Schell