Show #311 – Bourbon Power Pentaverate V

Once again we have assembled some of the finest minds from the world of bourbon media to help solve the world’s bourbon problems. Our panel for this show is as follows: Erin Petrey, Tracy Napolitano, Linda Ruffenach and Blake Johnson. Our topics are: 1). What do we call Four Roses Yellow Label now they they changed the label and it’s no longer yellow? 2). Is the issue of bourbon prices creeping up a problem? 3). Is bourbon asleep at the wheel? 4). How do distilleries deal with a flood of bloggers, reviewers and podcasters? – Today’s show was sponsored by Steve Akley’s new book, Mules and More ( The Bourbon Daily intro music (Welcome to the Show) and outro music (That’s A Wrap) are both by Kevin MacLeod ( Join the ABV Network Revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile in social media.

Steve Akley