The Bourbon Daily Show #318 – Gamlin Whiskey House Flights Week: Flight #3/Bourbon Snobs

Steve, Andrea and Carolyn take part in a special week where Clare Cecilia, bartender at Gamlin Whiskey House (, one of the top bourbon/whiskey bars in the U.S., puts together a different bourbon flight each day based on a customer’s experience/interest. The flight for the day today is for “Bourbon Snobs”… people who are bourbon elitists and like to point out they know “a lot about bourbon.” Today’s show was sponsored by Steve Akley’s book, Mules and More ( and by Flaviar, the online whiskey club for the explorer at heart ( The Bourbon Daily intro music (Welcome to the Show) and outro music (That’s A Wrap) are both by Kevin MacLeod ( Join the ABV Network Revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile on social media.

Steve Akley