The Bourbon Show - Pint Size #5: Seth's 40th and the 40 bourbons you show own

The boys celebrate Seth's 40th birthday by sharing their list of 40 bourbons everyone should have in their cabinet.

Jim Beam Double Oak
Eagle Rare
Four Roses Small Batch
Angels Envy
Old Grand-Dad BiB
Old Grand-Dad 114
Elijah Craig
E.H. Taylor Single Barrel
E.H. Taylor Small Batch
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Four Roses Single Barrel
Jefferson's Reserve
Weller Special Reserve
Knob Creek
Basil Hayden
Evan Williams BiB
Anchient, Anchient Age 10 Star
Michter's Bourbon
Buffalo Trace
Bulleit 10
Russel's Reserve
Journeyman's Featherbone Bourbon
Wild Turkey 101
Woodford Reserve
Gentleman Jack
Jefferson's Bourbon
Jefferson's Chef's Collaboration
Jim Beam
Maker's Mark
Jack Daniel's
Wild Turkey Rare Bread
Evan Williams Black Label
Willett Pot Still
Four Roses Yellow Label
Elmer T. Lee
Mellow Corn
Sazerac Rye

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