#26: Trey Zoeller

It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month and also the Birthday Month for the ABV Network (the first episode of The Bourbon Show was released on September 1, 2016). To celebrate, Steve, Kaitlyn and Evan revisit the show’s interview with Trey Zoeller of Jefferson’s Bourbon fame. We are also proud to have a new sponsor to the show. Flaviar (flaviar.com) is a club where you can enjoy many great benefit and sample some incredible whiskey, rum and gin offering on a quarterly basis with their unique tasting boxes. Flaviar is also hosting an event in New York City on September 14 called the Craft Spirits Celebration. Head on over to to our website, abvnetwork.com to click on some links to get more info or buy tickets. Be sure to listen to the very end for the cocktail segment after the show featuring our very own ABV Network Staff Mixologist Sailor Retro mixing up a cocktail she calls the Leather and Smoke Bourbon Sour. The Bourbon Show music (Whiskey on the Mississippi) is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

Jeremy Schell