Whiskey Nips: Maker's Mark Ambassador Program.

Ambassador programs for the things we love are great. They provide us ambassadors with exclusive news, cool swag, and more. It’s a way to provide us fans with some recognition for showing brands some love as well as trying to keep us brand loyal. I’m a member of a few of these programs, but none are better than the one from Maker’s Mark.

Maker’s Mark launched their ambassador program in 2001 and is now the gold standard in the bourbon world. Once you sign up for their program, you will feel very welcomed. Every ambassador receives an annual Maker’s themed present, ranging from bottle scarves to holiday themed labels that you put on a bottle. You also receive business cards showing that you are an ambassador with your name, ambassador number, and join date. Pretty cool, right? Well here’s where it gets even better…

Your name will go on a barrel and you will receive a certificate stating your ambassador info and the barrel number. Yep, that’s right. Your name on a barrel of Maker’s! It will be on a plaque with a few other ambassadors who enjoy the brand as much as you. You can track your barrel’s aging online or via an app. When your barrel is ready, it will be mixed with other barrels to keep that Maker’s Mark classic flavor. You can then stop by the distillery and purchase a bottle with your name on it which contains some of the bourbon from your barrel.

Will this bottle taste any different than a standard bottle off the shelf? If you know Maker’s Mark, their motto is consistency. They will tell you that your bottle will be the same great taste that you’ve come to love and expect. But I don’t believe that. The bottle with my name on it will have a little something extra in it, personal recognition. That’s why the bottle with my name on it will be the best tasting bottle of Maker’s I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to get mine.

Tony Freund


Jordan GrigsbyComment