Meet the ABV Network, LLC Team: Jeremy Schell

by Colonel Steve Akley

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Jeremy Schell - Funny, Dedicated and a Marketing Genius

One of the goals of this blog was to introduce you to the team that makes everything happen at the ABV Network. Sure, I get a lot of the credit based on the fact I’m the owner of the company, but, I am here to tell you that without the team (30 strong now including me) the ABV Network isn’t even a thing. There is so much that happens to make this thing go, and much of it I rely on people with skills far superior than mine to accomplish our goals.

One of the individuals who certainly fits that bill is Jeremy Schell. Many of you know Jeremy from his appearance on The Bourbon Daily, and now, The Bourbon Show where he has taken over as a cohost. Jeremy can simultaneously lift our programming up with his knowledge and expertise and bring it down the next moment with his humor which is equal cutting and self-deprecating. That’s why you have to love the guy so much on the air. He knows his stuff and he always presents it in a professional manner. When we get to joking, though, he’s not on the sidelines as an observer, he’s right in there with the rest of us.

If it stopped right there, Jeremy would be an incredibly valuable member of the ABV Network staff. There’s so much more there, though. First of all, he’s running everything on the ABV Network website. He puts the shows out there daily and he keeps the site looking great.

He also helps in giving me direction on how to effectively present and market the company. He’s spent his entire career doing this so there isn’t anyone better to have your back on these things than Jeremy.

Another solid trait of his is that he’s a detail guy. Things I sacrifice in order to get content out there, he’s quick to point out can hurt your brand. Spelling, placement of things on the site and much more.

Finally, Jeremy is integral in brining many of the shows on the air. Whether it’s tapping into his personal network, suggesting a show idea or writing something he wants on the air, Jeremy is an ABV Network workhorse.

The next time you find yourself in a conversation with Jeremy, rather it’s in person or on Instagram, give him a quick “thanks” because he’s helping make the ABV Network the greatest podcasting/entertainment company on the planet. I know I sure appreciate him.