Evan Does GR

by Colonel Steve Akley

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Evan Haskill recently made his triumphant return to the ABV Network airwaves with his show Evan Does GR. It's safe to say that this show is more than a pet project for Evan... it's a passion project. It's a portal into a world showcasing everything he loves... food, drink, people and his beloved hometown of Grand Rapids. This isn't a podcast, it's medicine for his soul.

I have to admit, it's kinda medicine for my soul as well. The show is as raw and stripped down as it can be. Evan and a guest. No intro music. No sound bites. Just Evan and a guest talking... and it's amazing.

How can it be so great when it's basically a microphone and two people? Well, it goes back to Evan himself. He connects with people in a very special way. There are always just people that have that certain something... that thing you can't quite put your finger on to emulate it yourself, but you know that they've got a trait you don't and Evan has that when it comes to people and connecting with them.

The guy himself... Evan Haskill... he's a larger than life persona... in every way. He's tall, casts a big shadow, has a booming voice, a big smile and an electric personality. People just default to liking him. Because I tend to be reserved, I always feel like I have to earn friendship, while Evan walks into a room with 30 strangers... in minutes he's got 30 best friends. 

If you want to see exactly what I am talking about, give Evan Does GR a listen. It's available via our new ABV Network Channel.

You won't be listening to a show host interviewing someone from the alcohol-scene in Grand Rapids... you'll be listening to your best friend interviewing someone from the alcohol-scene in Grand Rapids.