The Bourbon Daily Hits the Road

by Colonel Steve Akley

2018 US Tour - The Bourbon Daily.png

The next step in our journey as a company is about to begin. We are taking our show on the road. You may have heard about this already, but, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the reasons why we may be coming to a location near you very soon.

Why would we want to crisscross the country to do live shows when we can simply do them from the comfort of our own homes?

The reason actually is pretty simple... you! 

Yep, we are hitting the road to interact and meet face-to-face the people who make our show great. It's not us... it's you. We want to meet the people who listen to us, whose lives we've become a part of.

Seriously, there is no greater compliment we get than "you are part of my daily routine." For us, though, we're simply a band of friends who get together, have a few drinks and talk about bourbon. We're confined to our in-home studios where we interact with the same small group of people for each show.

We want to get out there and meet you... our listeners. These should be fun events where you can come see us at work, participate in the shows we are recording, meet us, talk to us, have a drink with us and pick up some exclusive tour merchandise we are having designed just for these live events.

We're starting out slow... on our "home turf"... Kentucky. The plan is to expand out from there so you need to keep checking our Personal Appearances Calendar to see exactly where we will be.

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!