Oh the humanity...

by Colonel Steve Akley


As a business owner, how do you handle when you find out one of your best team members goes against everything you stand for as an organization, and as a person, in the most public way possible?

I've been dealing with this very issue recently as I've discovered the love affair between Carolyn Sahl and... oh man, it's hard to say this... Fireball.

Yep, it's true.

Carolyn loves the ooey-gooey sweet and syrupy cinnamon-flavored concoction beloved by college kids everywhere. The ABV Network is a proud organization founded on a love for bourbon and a belief there is something noble about the distinctly American distilled spirit with such deep ties in American history.


It is to whiskey what "boy bands" are to music. Sure, boy bands have moments where they are wildly popular, but is anyone ranking Menudo on the top bands of the 20th century lists? 

So what do you do?

The answer is, of course, nothing. Carolyn is great. She's perfect at what she does on the network... she comes on the shows; she's always prepared and has a few laughs while we entertain and educate on the network.

Just because I don't understand her love for Fireball, doesn't mean I can't like Carolyn. She's awesome, amazing and every other great superlative you can direct her way... and her love for Fireball? It's oddly endearing and funny. A quirk that makes all of us unique and individuals. 

Plus, there may be hope for her. She did a post today, professing her love for Stillhouse, a "red hot whiskey." Sure, it's also pretty much a novelty, but unlike Fireball, which is really a liqueur, this is actually a flavored whiskey. Our little Carolyn is growing up right before our eyes folks.

While, I didn't want to join the mix for the plethora of great April Fool's Day jokes out there today, I hope you enjoyed this fun look at the "pseudo-controversy of Carolyn Sahl" on this 1st day of April.