So What Exactly is this ABV Network Channel?

by Colonel Steve Akley

The ABV Network Channel.png

Last week we made a big announcement about the ABV Network Channel. What’s the difference between this “ABV Network Channel” and the ABV Network we’ve been hearing about for a little more than a year now?

Well, at initial look, it may appear to be the same thing. After all, it’s podcasts under the brand “ABV Network.” The channel concept is completely different, though. In fact, it’s revolutionary because nobody is doing anything like this.

The traditional approach with podcasts are that every show is a unique entity. They have their own “channel,” if you will, in that each show is a unique download just for it individually. If you hit subscribe to The Bourbon Daily, for instance, every day you get a new episode of that particular show.

With a “channel” approach, we are going with for some new programming (not our exisiting shows, they remain the same as they always have) under a single entity called “The ABV Network Channel. This allows us to really amp up our creativity and see if we can find programming you like. The ABV Network Channel becomes akin to The Food Network, albeit a podcast channel and not a TV channel.

If you think about what The Food Network is, it’s programming all tied to food. It’s cooking shows, documentaries, game shows and reality TV. The ABV Network Channel is exactly like that, with our central tie-in being alcohol and not food. Because we are now producing a channel and not singular shows, we must get more people involved and create more programming. This means you, as a listener, benefit from more creativity and more ideas being turned into programming for your listening enjoyment. Our safety-valve to ensure we are getting program that meets your entertainment needs, is the fact all shows are created in 10 show “seasons.” That way, if you demonstrate you like a show by downloading and listening to it, we’ll produce more seasons. If downloads aren’t there, we’ve missed the mark, and just like on a TV channel, we’ll cancel shows that don’t appeal to our audience.

It truly is exciting. Especially when you consider we are adding podumentaries and news to the mix. We have many great things to come, and I look forward to exploring this exciting new concept with you along for the ride!