Double Barrel by Taconic Distillery Review

by Colonel Steve Akley


Taconic Distillery

Double Barrel Review

Double Barrel is the latest offering from Taconic Distillery, the distillery located in the Hudson Valley area of New York (Standfordville to be precise). Owner Paul Coughlin is an amazing guy who is dedicated to fine whiskey and only focuses on bringing whiskey products to market.

Double Barrel has a great story. Paul takes the barrels used to age his straight bourbon whiskey to then age maple syrup. The maple syrup is fantastic, by the way. Take a break from this post and buy some online now.

Okay, you are back.

Great, let’s continue…

After the aging process for the maple syrup is complete, he uses the barrels that had aged bourbon and then maple syrup to finish off some previously aged bourbon.


Double Barrel is born.

Here’s a look at what you are tasting if you are lucky enough to grab a bottle:

First of all, one of the things you are going to notice about this product, is the proof. It comes in at 90 proof. It’s not uncommon to see item in a similar category coming in at 60 proof… 45 proof… should we go lower?

You hear me Evan Williams Cider, coming in at 34 proof.

The point here not being to really call anyone out (apologies Evan Williams Cider), it’s just that you simply can’t retain a whiskey-forward taste when the proof falls off the cliff. Ninety-proof is a little hint that there might be good things to come.

So, the all-important verdict… how does Double Barrel taste?

Nosing it, you are getting maple and caramel candy. The soft kind like granny used to have in a dish. You didn’t like it as a kid… now you oddly crave it.

As you taste it, you immediately get a rush of maple, caramel and vanilla upfront. The heat of the 90 proof quickly reminds you that you are, in fact, drinking whiskey. It finishes with the taste of a bundt cake and the soft toasty oak finish. You are left with a nice warm glow.

The old familiar sting?

Maybe not that intense. Let’s go with the favorite of the masses, the Kentucky Hug. (the Hudson Valley Hug?)

Fan of maple, or flavored whiskey?

Not a fan of maple or flavored whiskey?

My recommendation is the same… pick this one up.

It just works.