Review: Jim Beam Repeal Batch

Cool winds have finally reached Nashville and grown men have started fist fighting on ice skates, it’s safe to say it’s bourbon season. As tempting liquor raffles begin becoming commonplace a state north and heavily anticipated releases start hitting markets my personal excitement for this time of year is in full swing. However, having already bagged a couple bottles of an overlooked release, I feel content with a cheap sipper for the early days of hockey season. The offering epitomizes celebration, and I am in a celebratory mood.

To the untrained eye, prohibition seems like a golden era in the story of the American cocktail. The truth is, it was almost the death of the American cocktail. American bartenders from the mid 19th century until prohibition were trained for years before allowed to even touch a shaker. It was a noble career, one set down a path to apprentice and eventually master the skills necessary to hold the role. When prohibition came the American bartender fled the country in mass exodus landing themselves respectable jobs in cities such as Paris, London, and Havana.

Meanwhile, in The United States, distilleries ceased production, the quality of hooch plummeted, and the people who had trained for years were gone leaving little behind. If the lack of quality booze and the lack of a knowledgeable bartender isn’t disheartening enough add organized crime in to the picture. Prohibition itself lasted for 13 years, but the scars left on the American cocktail can still be seen today.

Celebrating the 85th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition and Jim Beam’s resilience to quickly bounce back from such a major business hurdle, Jim Beam has released an 86 proof nonchill filtered bourbon. Similar to Old Forester’s whiskey row offerings, this product by design simulates dusty whiskey with out actually being dusty whiskey. Jim Beam Repeal Batch sports a post-prohibition label and a low price tag. With the death of Heaven Hill’s six year bottled in bond, could Beam Suntory fill the hole in the heart of the bourbon community for a limited time?

Nose 3/5

There’s a myriad of notes playing well together on this nose. A sweet woody Rick house note rings through crushed almonds, corn, and vanilla ice cream. However the note that is most prominent is certainly clove.

Palate 3.5/5

As the whiskey washes onto the palate, the cloves come across slightly strong but quickly toffee and corn come into the picture with light nuttiness. This bourbon is elusive, one minute it’s super light and one demential and the next something stands out that wasn’t there before.  

Finish 3.5/5

The finish reminds me of a quality dry XO Armagnac the clove really drives through and the while light the more bitter notes from the palate linger. The bitter spices are lightly accompanied by honey. The only thing missing here is fruit.

Price 5/5

I challenge anyone to find a better bourbon for $13 dollars. While the proof is low this bourbon has great attributes and for the money is unmatchable.

Total 15/20

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Also, Go Preds!

Matthew Leonard

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