Review: Weller CYPB

I recently listened to a podcast where they sat in front of a Kentucky Liquor store for the opportunity to have a sure shot at Weller Craft Your Perfect Bourbon. With almost zero sleep, they stood outside from 3am until 9am when the store opened. When they arrived at 3am were they at the front of the line? No, a man that had showed up at 9am the day before was first and they were numbers 18, 19, and 20. They walked away not Wellerless, but with out the coveted CYPB. 


The finite and new addition to the Weller line was a byproduct of a Buffalo Trace educational marketing tool located on their website. Fans of the Buffalo Trace Distillery could build their perfect whiskey by choosing the mash bill, the floor of the rick house, how long it would sit in a barrel, as well as proof. When the company compiled the data, there was an overwhelming percentage of wheated mash bills, aged at the top of the Rick house, for 8 years, that would be bottled at 90 proof. In turn, Weller CYPB was born. 


With a MSRP of $40 and a consistent aftermarket value of $350 it should come as no surprise that people are hunting for this offering. How much of this excitement is hype? 


 Nose 3.5/5

Cinnamon, brown sugar, sourdough French toast, and vanilla are all dancing on the nose at first. This nose is missing the floral tones expected out of a Weller offering. as the bourbon gets to know the glass the nose becomes very caramel heavy. 


Palate 3.5/5

A light sweetness starts on the front carrying a mix of vanilla, oak tannins, and light cashew notes. The mouthfeel is very full and satisfying, but like the nose feels like a non-Weller bourbon. 


Finish 4/5

Full long finish with baked goods dominating the finish. Slight nutty ness on the end of the finish that sits on the back of the tongue.


Price 4/5

I review price based on MSRP or retail prices. That being said, this offering is great at $40-$50 dollars and should have a spot in anyone’s home bar or collection. 


Overall 15/20

Not a bad offering by any stretch of the imagination. However, as mentioned above, the drinking experience didn’t feel like a Weller product. 


Oddly enough, it fondly reminded me of a barrel that Chris Fletcher drilled into for a group of bartenders and myself. It was pushing 100 degrees in Lynchburg and there we were climbing around the top of a Jack Daniel’s rick house. Chris was incredibly proud to show us a barrel right by the window covered in blinding sunlight. He pulled about a pint out of that barrel. Within a minute maybe two, some of the best whiskey I’ve ever had was just a memory. 


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