Neat: The Story of Bourbon, Review

When you go into a film with expectations, you take the chance of being disappointed. I have seen just about every documentary on bourbon and expected this one to be just like the others. How much information can there really be on bourbon? I thought this film would be just regurgitated information I had heard a thousand times. I couldn't have been more wrong. Neat: The Story of Bourbon delivers a very moving experience and might change the way you think about bourbon and exceed all your expectations.

This documentary starts off like so many others, but quickly transforms into something totally unique. You are ushered around the globe from Kentucky to Japan, learning about the bourbon industry from bourbon legends and even a new player in the game. You will be digging in the dirt, hanging out in a speakeasy, and playing with power tools. That's what I call a Saturday night!

All the different people you meet in this documentary have their own story to tell and each one is very touching in their own way. Some you may be familiar with, and some you may not. Certain stories really tug on your heart strings. I noticed a couple times during this film I had something in my eyes and determined I must have a dust problem in my home.

The most well known name in this documentary is Kentucky native Steve Zahn. However, he doesn't take home the title of star of the show. That is given to Freddie Johnson. Freddie may have the most mundane job out of all the characters, but he will be the one you remember the most.

This film eloquently says everything I feel about bourbon. There are dashes of information even the most seasoned bourbon drinkers don't know. I was left reflecting on my own life and what is really important to me. Grab a bottle of bourbon, sit down with family and friends, and watch this film.

Jordan Grigsby