Welcome to The Whiskey Corner

Welcome to The Whiskey Corner, that local watering hole where you come to unwind, chat about life, and to share stories with the ones around you. There's a brief moment in time where your stresses fall away and you're able to relax and just live in the moment. You order a bourbon neat, just like every other time, and as the bartender slides the glass in front of you, a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Picking up the glass, you swirl the bourbon around without even thinking and just gaze around the bar. People from all different walks of life are conversing with one another. Democrats are laughing with Republicans, labor workers are talking with business execs, and color has no bearing other than the one in your glass. Carrying on your lay of the land you notice a group of people wearing football jerseys and staring at a TV. Next to them is a group of woman gossiping about their coworkers. Returning your gaze to your glass you take a sip and let the brown spirit dance on your palate before trickling down your throat and warming your soul. You notice the guy next to you is drinking bourbon as well. You ask him what he's drinking and he says Eagle Rare Store Pick. You raise your glass to motion a cheers and he obliges. The glasses clink and you both take a sip. “My name is Jordan,” he says with an outstretched hand. You shake his hand, extend a smile in return, and take another drink of your bourbon.


You want to know what The Whiskey Corner is? Exactly this. It's a conversation you strike up with a stranger at the bar, the conversation taking place between those dedicated football fans, and it's the chatter you over hear among the people next to you. No judgment, no social status, just good times and great drinks. Join me, Jordan, at the bar and let's get the conversation started.


Jordan Grigsby

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