Store Pick Review-Weller Antique 107: New England Wine and Spirits Store Pick: Barrel 284

Pick Information - This offering was chosen by the barrel selection staff at New England Wine and Spirits in Newburyport, MA.  It is unknown if the store staff selected barrel 284 in person at Buffalo Trace or from samples supplied in their store from their distribution rep.  This is NAS but widely known as a 7- year bourbon.


Color - Deep Amber


Nose - Spice is up front on the nose, followed up by hints of vanilla and caramel.  A deeper nosing can pull what I refer to as a cinnamon toothpick: cinnamon and oak together.  


Palate - A little thin at first but then the heat hits.  At 107 proof the heat is not harsh but rather soothing and reminds you that you are drinking bourbon neat.  Behind the heat I get spicy caramel flavors as well as sweet from the wheated mash bill. This particular barrel is consistent in giving you almost a charred, caramel chew profile.


Finish -  The finish is medium and warm and you get one more spicy note at the end to remind you of the journey.


Wallet - OWA 107 store pics rarely break the wallet and at $44 out of the door this is a steal.  


Head to Head - In a head to head comparison to non-store pick OWA 107, I find two notes that stand out for the New England Wine pick: Spice and oak.  Although the regular OWA 107 has these notes, they are more prevalent in barrel #284.


Bourbon Wes says - If you live in the Newburyport, MA area or know someone who does and can serve as a proxy, stay on the lookout for future barrel selections.  Based on this offering it appears they know how to pick a solid single barrel.



Wes Hardin


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