Whiskey Nips: Baker Beam

Baker grew up in the business and is the great-nephew of Jim Beam. Like most others in the Beam family, he started off small in the distillery, and worked his way up. He eventually became master distiller at the Clermont plant for awhile, before Booker Noe became master distiller. Booker was one of the first master distillers to hit the road as a brand ambassador.

In 1990’s, Booker Noe released Baker’s 107 as part of the small batch collection from Jim Beam. The other 3 bourbons in this collection are Basil Hayden’s, Bookers, and Knob Creek. But like his namesake bourbon, Baker does not get attention that the others do. I rarely see his bourbon or name mentioned.

According to Baker, barrels are pulled from all over the warehouses to create a balanced bourbon that is also robust with a smooth finish for Baker’s. The variety of barrels lend a lot of different taste profiles to this product, but always aims for that consistent flavor profile. I’ve never purchased a bottle, but I have tried it, and it is quite good.

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Tony Freund

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