Sassy Sarah’s Road Trekking

Sarah locked the door and made her way to the Cigar Lounge around the corner from their newly rented apartment. Her son was staying but she had to leave in a few days.  Time to return back to her busy life and leave her life of leisure in the Gulf Coast of Florida. Back to the fall, then the snowfall. Ugh. She sure loved the Salt Life. She made plans to come back for the Christmas holidays.

The sun was on its descent.  Pink and blue swirls danced lovingly across the sky. Sarah smiled. It was a delightfully warm September night. Tomorrow, there was less chance of thunderstorms so she’d watch the sun go down with Jim Beam in one hand, phone in the other. She didn’t  want to miss any minute, as the sun disappeared into the beautiful Clearwater Beach horizon.

They say that Sauble Beach, Ontario has the best sunsets. Sarah agreed.   She would have to say that Daytona had the best sunrises and Honeymoon State Park Beach in Dunedin had the best sunsets. Dunedin is where the Toronto Blue Jays practice spring training. Home to the Dunedin Blue Jays team, as well.

Sarah followed the road out of their tropical apartment complex, that looks like a resort, by the way.  A two minute walk and she was at the Cigar Lounge. Her 21 year old son, knows his whisky more than one should. He has fine and expensive taste. Sampling Scotch in Montreal and the best they had in this Cigar Lounge in Florida.

“Mom, if you want a fantastic experience you have to try Macallan Scotch Whisky.”

Sarah bought a 1.75 Litre bottle of Jim Beam and it came with a small bottle of Vanilla Beam.  That Vanilla became her new best friend. Like she said before, she’s not one to gulp and have herself lifted off the floor.  She preferred to savour and enjoy the uniqueness of flavours that danced across her taste buds.

“What can I get you?” The young man who barely looked old enough to drink, but tall, thin, and very meticulously dressed. The other, bearded, brown-eyed, stocky, but handsome in a rugged kind of way.

“What do you recommend?” Sarah said rather casually.

They looked at her with a bewildered look as if she just stepped off a Bahamian cruise to an island where drinks are nearly free.  A tacky tourist of sorts.

“Ok, look kid. My 21 year old was here a couple months ago and told me I needed to come here to be astounded. So what do you got?”

The man behind the bar finally spoke with a hesitation, “Um, we don’t do Pina Colada’s or fruity drinks here Ma’am.  We got beer, like Coors light, Budweiser. Um, maybe a Rum and Coke?”

Sarah thought she was speaking a foreign language. She looked around at the finely dressed men. There wasn’t a lady around. She had to prove herself. ‘Do I look like a fruity cooler kinda lady?’  She knew the Whisky world is seen as a distinguished mans’ kind of world but sheesh, she was far from a girly girl. She grew up a Tom-boy, the only girl in a family of way too many boys.

“I admit I love Banana Daiquiri’s on holidays, I love a nice cold beer, I love my Guinness...but Dammit!  I want a whisky; neat! Tell me, what is your best whisky and why do you believe that to be true? I’m a Jim Beam fan, and recently Maker’s Mark won me over.  How are you going to top that for me? I’m not a connoisseur or even a professional but I love whisky to make a profound statement to me. I want to be wowed. Can you do that?”  Sarah slammed her fist down on the bar. She was annoyed at the fact that everyone assumed she was a certain kind of drinker.

Sarah pulled out her bottle of distilled water. She wanted the true experience. She wanted her taste buds tantalized. She wanted that warmth way deep in her bones. She wanted to smell it’s flavours and taste every unique flavour right to the long end finish.

The older bearded man picked up a bottle and explained the mash and why he liked it the best. He looked dumbfounded.  “Macallan 25 and Macallan 10.”

“Mom! What’s taking you so long? You talk too much. A guy will be parched before he gets his drink around here.” Her 21 year old, looked at her then the bartender, “A shot of Macallan. Neat, please.”

The bartender handed Sarah’s 21 year old son his glass.  

“Rye and coke?” He turned to Sarah, eyebrows raised warily.

“No. Two of the same please.” She demanded angrily.

Sarah reached across and delicately swirled her glass. Sarah smelled its’ rich unique flavours and started her production. Lips parted, drawing her soft lips close to her thick glass.  She breathed in the crisp, clean, aroma; almost a cinnamon and delicate rose petals. She swirled delicately to breath in each note. Her lips drew near to the rim and she filled her mouth. Swishing and splashing, she savoured each unique flavour that tantalized and stimulated her taste buds.  Flavours of chocolate notes rolled along her tongue. Dancing along the edges were dried fruit, raisins, maybe orange rind. At one gulp she swallowed it down letting the long finish linger and tingle in her mouth. Long after she swallowed, she could taste chocolate notes and the hint of dried fruit feeling the warm hug and caress spread to her chest. “Mmmm, spectacular. Crisp, long finish, smoky woodsy but not too much. Hints of chocolate and dried fruits stand out. Good choice.”

Her son shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Do we have to go through this every time?”  

Sarah giggled. The second, was more delightful than the first. Deviously smiling with a mischievous Cheshire Cat grin; she looked down at her Alice in Wonderland themed arm sleeve.  “It’s going to be a great night.” She winked at the bartender, “One more, love.”

“Dad, why is Mom so dramatic. Everything is a story to her. You are not her bartender!”

By C.A. Keith

Macallan Scotch Whisky

This story is partially based on actual events.  While in Florida, we got the opportunity to try Macallan 25 and 10 at a Cigar Lounge. it was worth the unique experience. I likely couldn’t afford the bottle on this holiday so the next best thing to do, was taste testing.

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