Review: Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Rye Whiskey Barrel Proof



Age: 4 Years old

Mash bill: 56% Rye 33% Corn 11% Malted Barley

Style: Single Barrel, Barrel Strength

Proof: 113

Price: $64.99


Color: Light copper 


Nose: Orange peel, banana, and honey.  Extremely inviting nose, however, will jump up and bite you if you linger too long.


Palate:  Orange peel, cinnamon, caramel and oak.  This rye is very well rounded. 


Finish:  Medium spice, cinnamon candy, smooth and warm. Heat builds but stays under control.  The finish is extremely smooth.  If this was a blind taste and I didn’t know the proof, I would have assumed it was about 10% lower. 


Notes:  This is one of the sweetest ryes I have ever tasted, as the low barrel entry proof reflects this.  Sometimes ryes can have too much spice and this one does an amazing job of counteracting sweetness with spice.  Whiskey is a balancing act and this one hits all points of my pallet.  My sweet spot was tickled, the spicy side was poked, and the savory side was wooed.  Seriously, this rye is like whitewater rafting.  You have your smooth water, your exhilarating rapids, and then the excitement of the finish.  I was on a ride I wish wouldn’t end.  Did this rye whiskey turn this bourbon drinker into a rye drinker?  Well maybe not, but I will definitely add this to my bourbon collection.  


Jordan Grigsby2 Comments