Knob Creek 120: New Orleans Bourbon Festival Barrel Pick Review


Age: 8 Years old

Mash bill: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

Proof: 120

Price: 49.99


Color: Dark amber 


Nose: Orange candy, cinnamon, and sweet cherry.


Palate:  Cherry and oak are very front facing, caramelized brown sugar stands on the mid pallet, and cherry circles back around to join the brown sugar. 


Finish:  The finish is very strong and forceful, in a good way.  The caramelized brown sugar and oak finishes with a bit of grittiness and the cherry softens the oak nicely.  Sweet cherry coats the throat on the way down and leaves one asking for more. 


Notes:  This bourbon walks into the party, demands attention, lingers a while, and then leaves with the same, whirlwind attention-grabbing, attitude it did when it first showed up.  Its higher than normal proof may be off-putting to some bourbon drinkers. However, this can be fixed by adding a bit of water. I suggest you try it without water first, then add accordingly.  

What’s Different?  This barrel pick is unique compared to the normal Knob Creek 120.  It is much sweeter than what I’m typically accustomed to with the standard version.  It’s normally a little less oak forward, but this higher age increases the oak flavors. The sweet cherry brings a nice balance and off sets the high oak quality. It gives this pour a more well-rounded experience. As a Knob Creek 120 lover, this barrel pick raises my expectations even more going forward.  I enjoyed every drop and I suggest to anyone, who has the opportunity, to purchase one. 

Jordan GrigsbyComment