Store Picks: Buffalo Trace, Chris Gasbarro Pick


Pick Information - This offering was chosen by Chris Gasbarro and his famous palate.  This pick is 90 proof and is from barrel number 124. Age of the pick is unknown but these range from 6-9 years usually.  There are some special barrels that have been bottled at 9 years or over.

Color –  Nice copper color to it.  It is a little lighter in the glass than I expected but still a nice color

Nose – First nosing hits me like a ton of bricks.  Candied apple. I get the tart of the apple on the nose along with a very prominent candy sweetness.  Second nosing pulls in some oak as well.

Palate –  Very sweet on the front of the palate with big fruit notes, followed by some honey and just a little taste of bread or pastry.  Second and third sips pull out some hints of oak as well.

Finish -  Finish is light and short on this one but that was expected based on previous Buffalo Trace bottles I have had.  Very pleasant with some oak and a little baking spice on the end.

Wallet – These pics are very affordable and are one of the best dollar value store pick offerings there are.  These range from $24.99 - $29.99. This is a very nice sipper and well worth the price tag.

Head to Head –  I typically don’t drink the regular Buffalo Trace neat. It isn’t that I don’t like it, I just think there are better options in that price range.  This pick however is different. It is a very good sipper with a distinct flavor profile that will have me coming back for more.

Bourbon Wes says –  Very good pick as always by Chris.  I like the sweetness of this pick. It just taste good which is the point after all correct?

Rating (tasting notes + price point + uniqueness) – I would rate this store pick a 7.5 out of 10.

Wes Hardin

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Ratings System:   1-2 – Would not suggest to anyone.  Literally not drinkable neat.

          3-5  - Solid pour but not considered special. Would not purchase second bottle

         6-8  - Excellent pour.  Robust, interesting, and different compared to regular offering.

         9-10 -  Outstanding. Hunt for multiple bottles.  On par with allocated releases.

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