Store Picks: Joseph Magnus: DC Bourbon Fanatics - Lincoln Pick

Pick Information - This offering was chosen by the DC Bourbon Fanatics.  This pick is 102.9 proof and is 12.5 years old. This is sourced from MGP so if you are an MGP fan, this should be right up your alley.

Color –  Gorgeous, deep amber and copper color.  It is incredibly dark in the bottle.


Nose – First nosing I get heavy stone fruit followed by vanilla and baked bread or yeast.  Very pleasant nose.

Palate –  The front end is full force cherry and the mid palate is baked pie with baking spice at the end.  If I had been on the pick I would have named this Grandma’s Cherry Cobbler. Amazing.

Finish -  Finish is medium to long finish and you get a little oak and more of that baking spice on the end.  This pour has a great mouthfeel to it.

Wallet – These pics are on the high side but if you do your research you will find that $109 for a 12.5 year, single barrel MGP pick is actually not a bad value in today’s bourbon market.  I would much rather drink this single barrel than pay the same price on secondary for Elmer T Lee and others.

Head to Head –  I haven’t had the basic Magnus offering to compare it to but I would say that there is no way they blend this specific flavor profile into their normal offering. Based on that, I say this wins hands down.

Bourbon Wes says –  Very good pick by the DC Bourbon Fanatics.  These were sold out long ago but there are some lingering for sale at good prices so if you find one and you are comfortable with this price point, go for it.

Rating (tasting notes + price point + uniqueness) – I would rate this store pick an 8 out of 10.

Wes Hardin

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Ratings System:   1-2 – Would not suggest to anyone.  Literally not drinkable neat.

          3-5  - Solid pour but not considered special. Would not purchase second bottle

         6-8  - Excellent pour.  Robust, interesting, and different compared to regular offering.

         9-10 -  Outstanding. Hunt for multiple bottles.  On par with allocated releases.

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