A Taste in Danville: Community First


There are so many bourbon affairs that get me extremely excited.  I mark my calendar and impatiently wait for each one of them and just as soon as I mark it off and it’s over, I start to anticipate next year’s very same event.  I must be referring to the bigger occasions hosted in Louisville where one gets to sample some pretty rare bourbons right?  Or how about an event in Bardstown where you get to drink bourbon and mingle with master distillers?  Not so fast.  Although, I really do enjoy sampling rare bourbons and meeting bourbon celebrities, that’s not what really fuels my anticipation. 


Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville, Kentucky is one of the fastest growing distilleries in the United States.  I have been shouting this from the rooftops the moment I heard their story.  One of the reasons they are so amazing, in my opinion, is that they truly get it.  They fully grasp what is so special about bourbon.  Shane Baker and Dr. Pat Heist, the owners of Wilderness Trail, do not skip steps and have been true to who they are from the very beginning.   Their methodical approach to “crafting” the perfect whiskey distillery, paired with the importance they place on their community, is truly one of a kind. 

You can tell community is a huge focus by the number of communal events they host at their distillery.  Their events are not just for the bourbon aficionado, but for the whole family.  My love affair with bourbon is something I share with my family.  They go with me to distilleries and the occasional bourbon event. I love to include them whenever possible.  My love of bourbon is much more complex than just drinking the spirit.  I love the tradition, the craft, the community, and the history.  Even though my daughter is too young to drink bourbon, she receives just as much enjoyment from the events as I do, at least the events that are tailored to families. 


Wilderness Trail Distillery, the host of A Taste in Danville, does a fantastic job lending attention to the little ones as much as they do their actual consumers.  My daughter still recalls the inflatables and how much fun she had at A Taste in Danville last year in 2018. Recently, my family and I were at an event and somebody asked her if she was having a good time. To my embarrassment, my six-year-old said, “No.” She replied with quite a demanding voice saying, “They need a bouncy house.”   It was slightly uncomfortable hearing my daughter be so rude and direct to a staff member, however, it illustrated the fact that she was looking for something for her to enjoy as well.  We all had a good time at the event, but there really wasn’t anything catered toward children.

Some people come to A Taste in Danville just for the music and this year will not disappoint.  There’s nothing like enjoying a nice Saturday in April with your family, while visiting different tents, mingling with others, and experiencing great music in the background. I honestly don’t think so.  The two local bands that will be entertaining bourbon fans this year will be The Brown Family Band and Down to the River.  Both bands are great, but Down to the River really stands out to me.  They are a mix of traditional country, blues, soul, and jamrock, making what is called Appalachian rock.  Straight out of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky they embody exactly what it is to be a Kentuckian.  Both acts will be extremely entertaining and will be a great addition to the event. 

 A Taste in Danville has it all.  The bourbon aficionado is well taken care of with new bourbon samples, the foodie gets to choose from 20 different food vendors, and the music lover will acquire a lot of great local music while walking the distillery grounds.  My pallet will be smiling, my pregnant wife’s food cravings will be fulfilled, my daughter will be entertained, and our ears will be satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice day in Louisville sampling some exceptional bourbons, but there’s just something about that hometown feel. A Taste of Danville really demonstrates what is so special about bourbon.

A Taste in Danville is scheduled for April 27th, 2019 in Danville, Kentucky and I know this unique community will be so excited for you and your family to join in and celebrate everything great about bourbon.  Hope to see you there!

Jordan GrigsbyComment